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Grifter's Paradise :
Capitalism's Destruction of Afghanistan

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What Is News Beat?

The News Beat Podcast is a short-form educational and political news podcast focused on social justice and civil liberties issues, that melds the worlds of journalism and music.



A Guide To Civil Unrest in America

A comprehensive, compelling guide to understanding racial uprisings in America -- where we are, how we got here, and what people can do to make things better.

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This Week In Social Justice

5/19/21: The troubled rollout of vaccines inside COVID-ravaged jails and prisons AND Philadelphia DA Larry Krasner’s HUGE election victory.




Our compelling coverage of the COVID-19 pandemic focuses on how the crisis is disproportionately affecting the most marginalized among us.

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Mass Incarceration & Criminal Justice Reform

We’ve curated a playlist of our criminal justice episodes to educate the American public on the nation’s history of incarceration.

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How Racism Fuels Higher Coronavirus Death Rates

African Americans are dying at disproportionately higher rates from the coronavirus. Read Now ⟶