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That’s right. We compensate the independent artists and acts featured on our podcast, so your donation goes directly to supporting the poets, singer/songwriters, hip hop artists, bands and various other musicians who make News Beat what it is.

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The Show

We’re a team of seasoned journalists committed to tackling social justice issues other news outlets simply can’t, or won’t. To do so, we’re guided by one of the most fundamental tenets of the craft: “Go There.” This is but one of many characteristics that sets News Beat Podcast apart from so many others.

Instead of simply sitting behind desks and literally phoning it in, whenever we can, as much as we can, we try to physically meet with the academics, activists and assorted sources featured on our episodes. We believe there are invaluable moments, details and sounds gleaned from in-person interviews that simply cannot be captured via the telephone or an internet connection. These also help paint the longform stories that accompany each podcast episode. (Yeah, we’re old-school like that!)

Thus, we travel quite often. Past episodes have taken us to the gates of the White House and various spots throughout Washington, D.C., to Harvard University in Cambridge, Mass. and downtown Boston, and all across the great state of New York, among other locales.

These treks in pursuit of the truth incur travel expenses, and while we do our very best to keep these down, they can add up. Besides gas, tolls, and lodging costs, our managing editor also has to eat, and he’s got one hell of an appetite! (Kidding. Sorta.)

When we can’t travel for whatever reason, we conduct our interviews via Zencastr—just one of several paid-subscription-based services we utilize to create News Beat Podcast, which also cost money.

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Artist In Residence Program & Additional Musical Guests

Our paid Artist in Residence program features one independent artist per year who composes an original score of music and/or verses per month based on the scripts and topics of individual episodes. Our 2017 Artist in Residence was prolific recording and performing hip-hop artist Silent Knight.

Other episodes throughout the year include songs and verses by an ever-changing lineup of additional independent artists and musical guests.

Among these, to date:

  • Hip Hop Fusion Music Artist, DJ, Songwriter & Educator LiKWUiD
  • Chicago-Based Hip Hop Artist Kayem
  • Singer/Songwriter Greg Tannen
  • Rock/Hip Hop/Jazz Fusion Outfit The Band Called FUSE
  • Brooklyn-Based Hip Hop Artist/Educator Rabbi Darkside

Other reasons to contribute

  • Because you believe in a free, independent press unbeholden to corporate, personal and/or private interests & ideologies
  • Because you believe in supporting independent artists
  • Because you believe in creativity for the sole purpose of highlighting truth
  • Because you value the inherent power and sincerity of the arts
  • Because you value alternative voices to regurgitated mainstream static noise
  • Because you value an outlet that challenges the status quo and strives to rectify state talking points
  • Because you’ll also get some pretty insane perks along the way, such as episodal BackBeat shout-outs and social media mentions, along with the eternal appreciation of the News Beat crew
  • Because you’ll sleep better knowing that you’ve helped create something beautiful, meaningful and impactful
  • Because you simply rock

Donating to News Beat Podcast means you support investigative social justice journalism in the public good and independent artists. It means you care about your local, national and global community, and want to hear the truth about the issues, people and events constantly shaping it.

It means you value the arts and believe in its inherent power as a Force For Positive Change.

Dr. Cornel WestBut don’t just take our word for it. In those of famed intellectual and Harvard University professor, Dr. Cornel West:

“Thank god for you all, News Beat. And most importantly—what the media doesn’t do and what you all do—because in the end, without the role of the arts, we’re doomed.”


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