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If Hamilton and 60 Minutes gave birth to a podcast, it would be News Beat. 

The News Beat Podcast is a short-form educational and political news podcast focused on social justice and civil liberties issues, that melds the worlds of journalism and music.

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We elevate journalistic storytelling through interviews with experts, thought leaders, academics and activists, coupled with original verses from musicians and independent hip-hop artists to foster a deeper connection with listeners and deliver an alternative narrative on some of the most pressing issues, events and people shaping our world.

News Beat illuminates under-reported social justice, civil liberties, and human rights issues through hard-hitting independent journalism and incendiary indie hip-hop. We seek to incite, inspire, and spark true, meaningful change.

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With News Beat, you’ll no longer simply read the news; you’ll hear it, and you’ll literally feel it. Most importantly, News Beat presents an alternative take to widely accepted narratives on its featured topics, arming listeners with important knowledge and insights that they likely wouldn’t hear from mainstream media—provoking thought, spurring questions, and challenging long-held beliefs. News Beat episodes clock in at roughly 20 minutes each—far less than the average podcast length of 35 minutes, and yet long enough to listen to in their entirety during the commute to work.

Think how “Schoolhouse Rock” broke down educational barriers by leveraging an original score in a televised cartoon format, and more recently, how “Hamilton” has brought history to life through hip-hop and theater.

The host and producer of News Beat is Michael “Manny Faces” Conforti, hip-hop journalist, DJ, producer and lecturer, founder of New York hip-hop publication Birthplace Magazine and hip-hop non-profit The Center for Hip-Hop Advocacy.  Its editor in chief is Christopher Twarowski. Rashed Mian is News Beat’s managing editor.

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The News Beat Team

Manny Faces

Manny Faces

News Beat Host & Producer

Christopher Twarowski

Christopher Twarowski

Editor in Chief

Rashed Mian

Rashed Mian

Managing Editor