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The Palestine Laboratory

The Palestine Laboratory: How Israel Exports the Technology of Occupation Around the World

The Genocide Case Against Israel

The Genocide Case Against Israel


Abandoned: How Democrats Lost Support of Union Workers

9/11 Redux

9/11 Redux: Will the Israel-Hamas Conflict Lead to a Renewed War on Terror?

Secrecy, Deceit & Redactions

Secrecy, Deceit & Redactions: Inside Amazon & Google's Antitrust Wars (With David Dayen)

Big Oil on Trial

Big Oil on Trial: Polluters Face Wave of Climate Lawsuits

Invisible Wars

Invisible Wars: A Conversation With Journalist Norman Solomon


Exclusive: Our Interview With U.S. Presidential Candidate Dr. Cornel West

Building a Movement

Building a Movement: Chicago's Grassroots Mayoral Victory

Chokepoint Capitalism

Chokepoint Capitalism: Stranglehold on the Arts

The Case for

The Case for: Charging Fossil Fuel Companies With Homicide

Something Isn't Right in

Something Isn't Right in: East Palestine

Suppressing Truth

Suppressing Truth: Arizona's Attempt to Ban Recording the Police

Corporate Profiteering

Corporate Profiteering: During Record Inflation

GOP Election Crime Hysteria

GOP Election Crime Hysteria: & Larry Krasner Impeachment


EXPOSED: The Fossil Fuel Industry's Big Lie (Part Two)

Climate Propaganda

Climate Propaganda: The Fossil Fuel Industry's Big Lie


MMIWG2S: Missing & Murdered Indigenous Women, Girls & Two-Spirit People

Ukraine War

Ukraine War: Proxies, Profits & Propaganda

American Nightmare

American Nightmare: The Poverty to Prison Pipeline

Racism Kills

Racism Kills: Segregation's Role in Buffalo Massacre

Fusion Centers

Fusion Centers : Your Shadowy Neighborhood Spy Hubs

The News Beat Cypher

The News Beat Cypher: LiKWUiD

MLK's Last Month

MLK's Last Month: Memphis

Disaster Capitalism

Disaster Capitalism: Making Money From Misery

Grifter's Paradise

Grifter's Paradise : Capitalism's Destruction of Afghanistan

From Slave Patrols to Ahmaud Arbery

From Slave Patrols to Ahmaud Arbery: The Racist Legacy of Citizen’s Arrest Laws

The News Beat Cypher

The News Beat Cypher: Silent Knight

Carceral Con Job

Carceral Con Job: The Bipartisan Criminal Justice Reform Swindle


Caution: Misleading Crime Stats

Racist AI

Racist AI : Facial Recognition & Wrongful Arrests

Cinco de Mayo

Cinco de Mayo: What You Didn't Learn In School

Justice Severed

Justice Severed: Plead Guilty Or Else

Law & Order vs. Reform in L.A.

Law & Order vs. Reform in L.A.

America’s Reckoning

America’s Reckoning : Is A Change Gonna Come?

Voter Suppression

Voter Suppression: In the Era of a Weakened Voting Rights Act

Death Sentence

Death Sentence: COVID-19 Cases Are Soaring In Jails & Prisons


#SayHerName: Confronting 400 Years Of State Violence Against Black Women

Defund Police

Defund Police: What It Means & How It Would Really Work

Why We Riot (Re-Release)

Why We Riot (Re-Release): Institutionalized Inequality, Racism & Oppression

Redlining & Climate Change

Redlining & Climate Change: A Deadly Combination


COVID-19: How Racism Fuels Higher Coronavirus Death Rates

Coronavirus Behind Bars

Coronavirus Behind Bars: Florida Jails + Bans on Visitation

Coronavirus Behind Bars

Coronavirus Behind Bars : Crisis In New York

When Epidemics Collide

When Epidemics Collide: Coronavirus, Criminal Justice & Poverty

Espionage Act

Espionage Act: & The Battle For The Free Press

Mentally Ill & Incarcerated

Mentally Ill & Incarcerated: America’s 19th Century Response to Treatment

Climate Justice

Climate Justice: The Youth-Led Revolution To Save Our Future

Restorative Justice

Restorative Justice: Healing Instead of Incarceration


California: Epicenter of Mass Incarceration Reform


E-Carceration: Are Digital Prisons The Future?

The Truth Hurts

The Truth Hurts: Journalism’s Battle for Justice in the Digital Disinformation Age

Rosa Parks

Rosa Parks: What You Didn't Learn in School

Is Prison Abolition Possible?

Is Prison Abolition Possible?

Abused & Alone

Abused & Alone: Prison Rape in the #MeToo Era

Abandoning the Left

Abandoning the Left: Why Democrats Can't Save Us

Law & Disorder

Law & Disorder: Progressive Prosecutors Hope to Dismantle Mass Incarceration, One County at a Time

Black Ops

Black Ops: COINTELPRO & The U.S. Government’s Ongoing Demonization of Black Activism

The Truth About Puerto Rico

The Truth About Puerto Rico: A U.S. Colony

Trump's Muslim Ban

Trump's Muslim Ban: Tearing Apart Families Caught in Yemen’s Civil War

The Real Voter Fraud

The Real Voter Fraud: Felony Disenfranchisement’s Civil Death Sentence

Criminalizing Protest

Criminalizing Protest: The U.S. Government’s Militarized & Legislative Crackdown on People’s Right to Dissent

Kerner Report 50 Years Later

Kerner Report 50 Years Later: America Is Even More ‘Separate & Unequal’

Youth Prisons

Youth Prisons: Juvenile Detention’s Racial Disparity, Rampant Violence & Lasting Damage


MS-13: Made in the USA

Land of the Rich, Home of the Poor

Land of the Rich, Home of the Poor: America’s Poverty Crisis

Enemy of the American People

Enemy of the American People: The U.S. Government’s War on Journalism and Press Freedom

America's Black Hole

America's Black Hole: Indefinite Detention, Torture & Terror at Guantanamo Bay

Freedom for Sale

Freedom for Sale: How Money Bail Crushes America’s Poor & Inflates The World’s Largest Prison State


MLK: What They Won't Teach in School

Why We Riot

Why We Riot: Institutionalized Inequality, Racism & Oppression

Misunderstanding Terrorism

Misunderstanding Terrorism: Exposing Radical Caucasian Extremism


AUMF: The Latest Weapon in America's Illegal Perpetual War

Chelsea Manning

Chelsea Manning: Collateral Murder Cover-Up

Exonerated & Broke

Exonerated & Broke

Hijacking Jihad

Hijacking Jihad

The True Origins of the War on Drugs

The True Origins of the War on Drugs

MLK, Jr.

MLK, Jr.: Unfinished Business