[EXCLUSIVE] San Francisco DA Chesa Boudin Talks Bail, Sentencing Reforms & COVID-19

May 01, 2020 mass incarceration, COVID-19, bail reform

A career public defender is now on the other side of the law. We speak to Boudin about embracing reforms as district attorney of a prominent U.S. city, and combating COVID-19.

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New York Bail Reform: Tackling Mass Incarceration

December 30, 2019

New York's bail reform law goes into effect in January. This special podcast explains what this law does and how it will impact New Yorkers.

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Bonus Podcast: New York Bail Reform & The Afghanistan Papers

December 23, 2019

In this special podcast we examine bail reform in New York and discuss revelations from the "Afghanistan Papers"--a secret history of the war.

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Bonus Episode: Chesa Boudin, Restorative Justice Advocate, Wins San Francisco DA Election

November 12, 2019

Chesa Boudin, progressive candidate for San Francisco DA featured on our Restorative Justice episode, wins.

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Criminal Justice Podcasts: Bail, Youth Prisons, War On Drugs & More

August 28, 2019

News Beat podcast examines critical issues related to America's broken criminal justice system.

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News Beat Podcast Wins Top Honors at SPJ Press Club of Long Island Media Awards

June 19, 2019

News Beat podcast clinched top prizes at the Long Island chapter of Society of Professional Journalists (SPJ) awards recognizing journalistic excellence.

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News Beat Podcast Partners With The Marshall Project to Spotlight California’s Ever-Evolving Response to Mass Incarceration

June 18, 2019

News Beat podcast joins forces with Pulitzer Prize-winning criminal justice news outlet The Marshall Project to highlight California's mass incarceration reforms.

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What’s Next for Federal Prison Reform? We May Find Out Soon Enough.

November 14, 2018

Now that the much-anticipated midterm elections are over, will Congress re-examine a stalled prison-reform compromise bill?

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Historic Midterms: Huge Wins for Women, LGBT Candidates, Minorities & New Voters in Florida [VIDEO RECAP]

November 08, 2018

Yes, we know, the Democrats took back the House. But the 2018 election was historic in many other ways. Social justice was also on the ballot.

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Florida Passes Amendment Restoring Voting Rights to Over 1 Million Residents

November 07, 2018

Florida is one of four states that permanently bars ex-felons from voting, and its disenfranchisement law is one of the nation’s most stringent.

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