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Posted by News Beat on May 17, 2018  •  4 min read
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Podcast discoverability site ‘Discover Pods’ is currently spotlighting News Beat, featuring a profile of our podcast and Q&A with Executive Producer Jed Morey on its main scroll and in a review post.

So... How did you first hear about your favorite podcast(s)?

As explained on its 'About' page, most podcast lovers discovered their faves either 1) at the top of the mega-popular podcast charts—such as Apple’s—or 2) through friend recommendations. The problem with learning about podcast solely through these means, it so-rightfully explains, is that the charts are “self-perpetuating”—meaning those at the top garner insane amounts of followers due to their rankings (or even inclusion), which then simply keeps them up there—and your friend’s picks just don’t come often enough and they likely fall into a narrow niche.

As with the media and publishing realm—There Needs To Be More Alternatives!

Enter Discover Pods.

It exists “to create an unbiased medium to discuss established and popular podcasts, new upcoming podcasts, podcast news, and anything else I think might interest you,” reads its mission statement. “It’s time to find your next favorite podcast.”

Discover Pods highlights, reviews and profiles podcasts via its site on a submission basis—providing podcasters who have been out there creating really, really extraordinary stuff (like us!!) that all-important alternative platform to be seen, and most importantly, heard. It also includes posts/rants from guest bloggers and other contributors.

Facilitating greater exposure for podcasters to reach wider audiences and be heard is an admirable service that speaks to the heart of News Beat’s core: independent journalism and independent music and artists.

The more voices, the more choices. And the more choices, the better informed listeners become. A better-informed listener makes smarter decisions, and when it comes to making a difference in this world, or sparking positive change, every single person matters. Everyone can make a difference. Get even a handful—never mind a few dozen, hundred, thousand, or (gasp) million together—now we’re talking revolution, baby.


Call it the "News Beat Ripple Effect."

Our Discover Pods profile begins like this:

“News Beat describes itself in lofty words, “if Hamilton and 60 Minutes gave birth to a podcast”, and well, I couldn’t agree more. It’s a tough measure—and even tougher to execute on—but News Beat manages to balance and intertwine both music, current events, and social justice issues. In a short-form podcast, News Beat seamlessly blends insights from political pundits, academics, and activists with spoken word, hip-hop, and other music.”



It continues, with the low-down on our episodes, links to several—“The True Origins of the War on Drugs,” “MLK: What They Won’t Teach in School,” “MS-13: Made in the USA” and “Land of the Rich, Home of the Poor,” among these—and a pretty in-depth Q&A interview with News Beat Executive Producer Jed Morey.

He explains our path to podcasting, touching upon our collective history as hellraising investigative journalists in the alt-weekly realm, roots in radio and broadcasting (WLIR, anyone?!) and the New York hip hop scene. He shares our passion for extraordinary storytelling, social justice, and rectifying false though widely circulated narratives, while explaining how and News Beat fits into this battlefield. He talks challenges facing indie podcasters, where he’d like to take News Beat, episodes he’s most proud of (that’s a tough one!), other podcasts we listen to, and much, much more.

Here’s a mere tidbit:

“News Beat is the truth amplified. If we can connect with listeners who are passionate about social justice and civil liberties and inspire them to get involved and affect change, then we’ll have accomplished our goals. The trick is to stay hungry, continue to adapt, push ourselves to tell great stories and even make people uncomfortable if need be. No matter what our journey looks like, we feel incredibly fortunate to pursue our craft and contribute something positive to the podcast universe.”


Check out News Beat’s full Discover Pods profile HERE, Discover Pods’ main homepage and all the other phenomenal podcasts out there striving to be heard HERE, and Help Support News Beat’s important independent journalism and all the independent artists who give it wings HERE.

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Together, now: "All hail alternative voices!"

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