News Beat Named 'Outstanding' Podcast of 2020

Posted by News Beat on December 31, 2020  •  7 min read
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Collage of various podcast logos named to Bello Collective's 'Outstanding' podcast list

Podcast publication and newsletter The Bello Collective recently named News Beat among the '100 Outstanding Podcasts From 2020,' an annual compilation chosen by its staff along with writers, editors and podcasters spanning the audio industry.

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News Beat shines a light on under-reported social justice issues through a unique blend of hard-hitting journalism and original hip hop. Each episode features interviews with activists, academics and other experts, and performances from an ever-growing roster of independent artists.

A multi-award-winning podcast from Morey Creative Studios that has earned top accolades from the New York Press Club and Long Island regional chapter of the national Society of Professional Journalists, and more, we are among very good company on Bello's list.

Other top-ranked podcasts, shows and creators include The Atlantic's 'Floodlines,' The Washington Post's 'Post Reports,' Gimlet Media's Reply All,' Radiotopia's 'Radio Diaries,' 'Reveal' by The Center for Investigative Reporting and PRX, iHeartRadio's 'Before Breakfast,' 'Radiolab' by WNYC Studios, WBUR and Reddit's 'Endless Thread,' Radiotopia's 'Song Exploder,' 'Dope Labs' by Spotify Studios, ABC Radio's 'CrossBread,' Vox Media's 'Switched On Pop,' Earwolf's 'Scam Goddess,' and 'Still Processing' by The New York Times, whose podcast club had previously named News Beat a 'Pick of the Week.'

Praising News Beat's unique combo of hard-hitting independent journalism and music, The Bello Collective's Co-Editor Galen Beebe singled out our '#SayHerName: Confronting 400 Years of State Violence Against Black Women' episode, writing:

"This episode of News Beat doesn’t feel like a podcast with music; it feels like listening to music and a podcast at the same time. It’s non-narrated, but it feels more like a remixing of samples than any non-narrated work I’ve heard before (the show’s website describes the podcast as Hamilton meets 60 Minutes). The piece speaks to state violence against people of color in the U.S. — primarily, though not exclusively, Black women and girls — from the ships that brought enslaved African women to our shores to the murders and assaults of women and girls at the hands of police officers today. The voices of experts, victims, family members, activists, and news outlets are expertly collaged together, with a constant, but not monotonous, steam of music underneath. The episode’s construction is outstanding, but the story, of course, is horrifying. And as one of the voices says, this is only “a glimpse at the range” of violence inflicted on people of color."

News Beat podcast is but one of several from Morey Creative Studios, a growth-driven, New York and Philadelphia-based HubSpot Partner Agency specializing in inbound marketing, digital design, content management, and podcast production for mission-driven companies. Contact Team Morey today.

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News Beat is an award-winning social justice podcast melding independent, hard-hitting journalism with original music from independent artists.

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