This Week in Social Justice - Ep4: Battling Systemic Racism, House Decriminalizes Marijuana

Posted by News Beat on December 07, 2020  •  2 min read
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On the Dec. 4 edition of This Week In Social Justice, the News Beat team spoke at length about its collaboration with Color Of Change, the nation’s largest online racial justice organization, for its most recent podcast episode, titled “America’s Reckoning: Is A Change Gonna Come?” 

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The episode’s central question—will the uprisings of this past spring and summer lead to long-sought reforms?—underscores the impact the mass protests movement has had in a country steeped in systemic racism. 

To better explain America’s reckoning, we enlisted the help of Rashad Robinson and Arisha Hatch, Color Of Change’s president and vice president, respectively. 

In a follow-up to her appearance on the podcast, Hatch joined the News Beat staff for a wide-ranging discussion on This Week In Social Justice, which covered continued calls to defund the police, the importance of pressuring corporate America and powerful social media entities, and Color Of Change’s campaign for a federal reparations bill. 

Among the other topics covered on TWISJ: News Beat podcast being named one of the top 100 outstanding podcasts of 2020 by The Bello Collective—a humbling honor considering the number of great podcasts across various platforms. 

Manny, Chris and Rashed also spoke about the House Of Representatives’ historic vote to decriminalize marijuana, a surge in potential federal executions and more. You can watch This Week In Social Justice on Facebook, YouTube and Twitch, live every Friday at 1 p.m. ET. Like us on Facebook and subscribe on either YouTube or Twitch to ensure you never miss a stream.

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