This Week in Social Justice - Ep5: Hip-Hop Protest Songs & Fred Hampton

December 14, 2020 civil liberties

This Week in Social Justice livestream guests Silent Knight & Jeffrey Haas discuss hip-hop's transcendental prowess & assassination of Black Panther Fred Hampton

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This Week in Social Justice - Ep4: Battling Systemic Racism, House Decriminalizes Marijuana

December 07, 2020

In our latest livestream, the News Beat team talks to Arisha Hatch of Color Of Change about the group's racial justice initiatives.

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This Week in Social Justice - Ep3: Canceling Student Debt & COVID-19's Effect on Child Morbidity

November 23, 2020 civil liberties

News Beat podcast's This Week in Social Justice livestream highlights the heavy burden of student debt on minorities & COVID-19's hidden tolls on children.

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This Week in Social Justice - Ep2: Black Belt History & Blue Georgia Victory

November 13, 2020 civil liberties

News Beat podcast This Week in Social Justice livestream guests Dr. Craig McClain & Marcus Ferrell explain the evolutionary history of South's Black Belt & successful effort to turn Georgi blue.

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Welcome to ‘This Week in Social Justice’ Livestream - Ep1: Drug Decriminalization

November 09, 2020 civil liberties

News Beat podcast's inaugural 'This Week in Social Justice' livestream spotlights drug decriminalization and other criminal justice reforms, and features Fair and Just Prosecution's Miriam Krinsky, and Drug Policy Alliance's Grey Gardner.

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5 Million Americans With Felony Convictions Barred From Voting This November

October 15, 2020 mass incarceration, felony disenfranchisement

While down slightly from 2016, millions won't be able to vote this November due to Jim Crow-era laws that persist despite attempts at reforms.

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Slavery & Genocide: How Indigenous Remember Christopher Columbus (in 6 Minutes)

October 12, 2020 civil liberties

Mohawk activist John Kane of Native talk show & podcast 'Let's Talk Native...' explains Christopher Columbus' legacy of slavery & genocide against Indigenous people.

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NYPD Accused of International Human Rights Violations for Violent Crackdown on Protest

October 09, 2020 civil liberties, police brutality

The NYPD's brutal crackdown on protesters in the South Bronx on June 4 led to mass arrests, dozens injured, and human rights violations, reports Human Rights Watch.

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What We Know About COVID-19 in Juvenile Detention Centers

October 01, 2020 mass incarceration, juvenile justice

There have been hundreds of infections in juvenile detention centers within the first six months of the pandemic, despite measures to reduce youth prison populations.

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Federal Court Strikes Blow to Voting Rights in Florida Felony Disenfranchisement Case

September 22, 2020

Felony disenfranchisement is a hallmark of Jim Crow. A recent court ruling will make it nearly impossible for thousands in Florida to vote this November.

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